Sexual assault is a topic that is rarely talked about in public. Typically, survivors of assault are burdened with social shame and blame, and an encouragement to keep suffering private. 

Some people who have not experienced sexual assault first-handed falsely believe it is not their problem to deal with. 

Sexual assault is a societal and cultural issue. It is not biological. It is not done by exclusively a crazed fringe of society. 

Sexual assault happens a lot. It happens in a variety of horrifying ways. 

It is everyone's issue, not just survivors of sexual assault. 

Because of this, I have injected Art Interventions around the city of London that encourage discourse around sexual assault. 

Four images have been plastered around the city in public spaces. The intention is to spark discussion, and eventually, social change around this devastating issue. 

We need to work as a society to change how we socially, and legally, handle sexual assault. 

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