Body Politics 

A Newsletter by Mary Morgan

Welcome to Body Politics. Here, we will talk about all things related to the fight for full body autonomy for all. We’ll talk about fun things like sex, masturbation, pleasure, emotions, but we’ll also talk a lot about hard topics, like assault, harassment, rape culture, rape myths, catcalling. All of these things are related under body politics, because at their core, they’re about our body autonomy.

Each Body Politics issue will be a combination of research, history, theory, and personal experience. The ultimate goal is to secure body autonomy for all, something that most of us have been deprived of. These issues are all cultural issues — they stem from our society, they are not innate or inherent. This means the culture around our bodies can be changed.

My body is mine, and mine alone. Yours is yours, and yours alone. Body autonomy is as simple as that. We all deserve the exclusive right to our own bodies.

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